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Nobu Will Get Its Permit Yanked If It Doesn't Fix Parking Issues: City - Kayak Store Complaints - Cemetery Clears Final Hurdle Maybe

But planning commissioners said the issue cannot fester all summer. They told Nobu to fix the parking problems … now. And to that … Nobu attorney Ken Ehrlich says … “We hear everything that was said tonight loud and clear.  “To the extent that employees continue to park on PCH despite the admonishments of management, management will take care of that with its own employees. Bottom line: Soho House and Nobu are on notice … clean up their parking mess by August 21st  … or they face a revocation license fro Nobu and sanctions for Soho House.  And right next door …. the Malibu planning commissioners last night approved a new parking rule for the area right on front of the Malibu Pier … where a local business is accused of hogging public parking with a pair of long van and trailer combinations. The business …. Malibu Surf Shack … has in essence moved its business storage  area onto the highway …permanently … John Stockwell and his wife run the Malibu farm restaurant … at the pier. “You have merchants that park their vehicles there 24/7. “They play it very well and very effectively.” “It's vehicles from the Malibu Surf Shack, a van and trailer that they parked on both sides of the street  “And what they do now is, I guess that rules are that they have to move them every 72 hours, and what they do now is they just swap them from one side of the street to the other.”  No one from the Malibu Surf Shack spoke … One major hole in the proposed parking change. The new ordinance would require a vehicle to be moved … at least once … during the hours between 2 and 4 in the morning,  It doesn’t say how far they have to be moved … they could be moved a few inches. The owner of the business has already figured out a way to game the system ..

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Marion's Josh Loyd competes on Food Network Kid BBQ Championship

“We had to get Josh a work permit for the state of California. And we had to sign and endless series of releases. If anyone was in a picture we sent, they had to sign a release.” Finally, in mid-January, Anthony and Josh flew to California to tape the show. “They kept changing the actual date because they had received a lot of rain,” Anthony said. “They had hail, it was a muddy mess when we got there.” But all that rain had one terrific effect — “The flight was really cool and my ears popped a lot," Josh said. "We sat next to a guy that lives in L.A. and he said that if it stopped raining, we would have a great view of the city because the rain would have cleared away the smog. And he was right. It was amazing.” Anthony said they left St.

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