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Why women keep their internet shopping a secret | Daily Mail Online

MailOnline iPad app ‘I even did it when I lived alone, which is ridiculous.’ Emily adds that she has seen many instances of secret shopping in กระเป๋าเป้ผู้ชาย the course of her work. ‘I visit clients in their homes and often discover not only bulging wardrobes of unworn clothes, but also bags of untouched purchases with the tags still attached,’ she says. ‘They’ll be mortified and say: “Don’t tell my husband about this, will you?” Beth, a mother of three children under ten, told me she had £400 worth of clothes from H&M delivered to her home just as visitors turned up, so she shoved the parcel under a cushion to avoid them seeing it. ‘Later, when the children were playing, the stash was uncovered and the enormity of her shopping spree was laid bare in front of her husband and friends.’ This desire for secrecy extends to other types of purchase, too. Juel Stokes (above), 49, believes her secret habit is linked to her experience of being bullied at school. ‘Aged 13, bullies kicked my face and broke my jaw,’ she says. ‘Since then, I’ve lacked self-esteem and used shopping as a way to boost it.’ ‘One of my styling clients is a GP with a private practice, where she carries out aesthetic work alongside her other work,’ says Emily. ‘She told me she treats women — wives and mothers to young children — who come for procedures and always pay in cash to avoid any paper trail.’ Most women will identify with this behaviour to some extent: the adrenaline rush of handing over a credit card, followed by a surge of the feel-good hormone serotonin and then the inevitable sense of guilt that we didn’t really need another coat or handbag. For the majority of women, secret shopping is not harmful, but for some, it can be a symptom of a deeper issue and can become problematic.

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