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We know, we know: If one more person makes a “Devil Wears Prada” joke about just how groundbreaking florals can be, you’re gonna be sick. Hey, us too! Hell, we’re not even really into florals in the first place: They’re often too feminine, or too kitschy, or too, well, twee. And once you put them on a dress? Forget about it. MORE: 35 Summer Pieces From Indie Brands That Nobody Else Will Have But this season, designers have debuted what we’re affectionately calling the “anti-floral floral.” Yep: we’re talking botanical prints, pineapple accents, and flower-like motifs so tiny, you’d never even be able to place them. The key to the new iteration of anti-floral floral dresses though is all in the shape: An A-line dress might not lend itself well to a flowery print unless you want to look like you’re headed to Easter brunch, but a body-slimming midi shirt-dress with a monstera pattern looks incredibly modern—and even a bit masculine. Ahead, we found 15 floral dresses that even the most anti-floral among us wouldn’t shun.

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