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'Gorpcore' is the new 'Normcore' and it's bringing bum bags back | Metro News

Why? Because gorpcore has brought them back into fashion. It gets its name from ‘GORP’, an acronym of the ‘Good Old Raisins and Peanuts’ mix used by hikers. The Cut coined the phrase as a fashion term for dressing like you spend a load of your time outdoors or camping. Great gilet game (Picture: Robino Salvatore/Getty Images) You know the type we’re talking about: people who insist on wearing North Face in Islington. Ironic fleeces. BUM BAGS. ‘The look isn’t quite the “camping chic” that designers such as Givenchy , Lanvin , and — most notably — Prada sent down the runway,’ explains The Cut’s Jason Chen. ‘It’s not about a hyper-elevated, high-fashion take on hiking clothes. Much of it is rather defiantly ugly, like something you’d buy (or exactly what you’d buy) at REI before a weekend in Phoenicia — practical, element-braving fleeces, ponchos, parkas, and windbreakers from no-nonsense brands like Patagonia, the North Face, Teva, Columbia, and Birkenstock worn with painter pants, Vans, Hawaiian shirts, Dickies.

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