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Combine harvester and truck But this has obvious anomalies with some wealthy UK landowners receiving subsidies of up to 3m a year. For instance, the Newmarket farm of Khalid Abdullah al Saud, billionaire owner of the legendary horse Frankel, receives 400,000 a year. Lord Iveagh who lives on the 22,486-acre Elveden Estate in Suffolk, receives over 900,000. Raising passions But working out what to replace EU subsidies with is raising passions. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many farmers see opportunities once the UK is no longer in the Common Agricultural Policy At the same conference the journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot had a run-in with the deputy head of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Minette Batters over the role of farmers after Brexit. Mr Monbiot believes farming subsidies should be replaced by a fund to alleviate rural poverty, an environmental fund and help for new entrants into the sector. When he asked Ms Batters if she was happy to see subsidies paid to wealthy farmers. Ms Batters hesitated and then said: "It depends on what they do with it," adding "I can't emphasise it enough, farmers embrace the environment". An aghast-looking Mr Monbiot replied saying "Farmers, have, more than any other group been responsible for the environmental degradation of the countryside." 'Real farmers' A few hundred yards down the road, another conference was going on. This was the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC), set up 10 years ago to give an alternative view on farming.

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