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"There's an inclination this president has toward personal relationships, meaningful personal relationships," said Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, a member of the House GOP leadership. "So day by day, members get more comfortable with how this president expresses his power and utilizes his power. Even if they don't fully grasp it, they're gaining comfort with his approach." Some Trump supporters have said they learned to take the new president seriously, but not literally, over the course of the campaign, and GOP lawmakers are learning to do the same. After Trump made his comment about everyone having insurance once Obama's health care plan is repealed, lawmakers quickly decided that what Trump actually meant was that everyone should have "access" to insurance, which is the standard GOP talking point. "I guess you'd probably have to ask him what exactly he means by that, but my assumption is that it's a reference to what most of us have been talking about," said Sen. John Thune, R-S.D. "And that is we want to make sure that everybody in the country has access to a health insurance plan that works for them and is affordable." Similarly, Trump surprised some lawmakers by declaring he had his own health care plan on the verge of completion; if so, no one has seen it. But others shrugged it off, concluding that Trump was probably really just talking about the proposals under development between Trump's transition team and GOP leadership. Lawmakers got an early taste of the power of Trump's Twitter feed as the 115th Congress came into session at the beginning of January. As their first act, House Republicans decided behind closed doors to gut an independent ethics office.

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